Chairman Platinum

When the war reached 100% completion

Greetings, Shopper. How are you enjoying MY shopping establishment? Yes, I have recently acquired this fine piece of real estate, and it will soon be turned into another EbilCorp Factory, Torture, and Family Pizza Parlor (with a real carousel in the dining room and free rides on the hour)! And no one can stop me- the heroes, villains, or even Mall Security! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

When the war has ended
You may have beaten me this time but you have not heard the last of me!

You have driven the virus out of me but now it's mutated and hiding somewhere under the mall waiting for the right time to return. You've won this time but your time is coming to an END.

It will be you with egg… I mean PIE on your face!


Thanks to Blue49127, Randor the Red and 1023404.

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