Smashdome Veteran
Welcome to the Smashdome, where all the greatest come to compete. If you want to run with the best you have to fight like the best. Bring PVP Tokens to me and I'll train you to be the best fighter there is!

PvP Powers
PvP Powers: These are the skills taught to us by the previous champions of the Smash Dome. I suggest learning some defense powers so you know how to resist your opponents attacks. Survival is the first step to becoming a champion.

Legendary Powers
Legendary Powers: The strongest powers of all. The most famous Smashdome Combatants have shared their knowledge and now you can unlock these powers by gaining PvP Medals. At the moment, they are impossible to learn. Maybe after the Smashdome gains enough fame we will be able to teach Legendary Powers once again.

Good Luck. You will have to be a legend to unlock all of these powers.

- Bhod's Missions
- Legendary Powers
- Legendary Smash Coin Powers
- PvP Defense Powers
- PvP Gear
- PvP SmashCoin Powers
- PvP SmashCoin Powers (2)
- PvP Token Powers

Location: SmashDome
Note: NPC art updates as the player changes items.


Thanks to Bhod, Importuneity, Mister Popcorn and Peachii.

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