The Ice Master
It's SMASHmas! So let us cover Super City with snow! Oh? You don't have ice powers? Then you certainly are not an Elf. Very well, then, step right up and I will teach you.

If you're here to learn my special Arctic Powers, then you'll need a HeroSmash t-Shirt, sold only at HeroMart. Speak to Faith for more info and for other power-related swag.

You can find the new HeroSmash t-shirt at HeroMart. It comes with a code that lets you unlock special powers and armors in game.

Click the HeroMart button below to go directly to the HeroMart website. (clicking will not interrupt your game)

What are Elves? Originally they were called E.L.F. (Engineered Life Forms). They're cold, hardy workers made to handle the freezing temperatures no human can survive in.

Sometime ago, they started a rebellion and many of them have left their homes to explore the world. Two of them can be found down in Liberty Square, the heart of Main Street.

- Arctikiller's Ice Powers Shop
- HeroMart
- Liberty Square


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