Symbol of All that is Good
Welcome to HeroSpire! Home to those who would use their abilities in the name of Good.

This is where Heroes share their special techniques, train together, and find better ways to uphold justice.

Well that's me! A shining example of all that is good in this world. I was recruited by the Heroic League because of my good deeds.

If you would like to find yourself in my shoes one day, then you need to become a shining example of good and atone for your evil deeds.

The Heroic League will not notice people who still have lingering evil in their personality.
To atone for your actions is to make up for those bad things you have done.
Doing missions for the residents of Hero Spire is one way to wash away Evil Reputation.

Heroic Training
Definitely. The Heroes at Hero Spire have spent countless years mastering their abilities. They will gladly teach any who follow the path of justice.

- Antares' Missions

Location: HeroSpire


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