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This is an AE first! We have decided to host the Encyclopedia on a wiki, instead of on the Battleon Forums, as the format of the wiki makes it easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

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When editing an entry, please sum up your edit in the short description of changes box, this makes it far easier for all of us.
Also, take your time with your edits and double check your work. Remember, it's not a competition, it's a service to help AE and the HS Community. Thanks and have fun editing!

Any unreleased information or information gathered through cheating will NOT be tolerated. If anyone does publish such information in any way or form, they will lose their ability to post on this wiki. Please also DO NOT publish Staff only items.

Announcements: September 02, 2017!

PeachiiAEPeachiiAE: Hey everyone, a total of 409 Photobucket images are still on the wiki, so it might take some time to replace them. You might encounter images broken when visiting a page during this period. Thanks!

Zero IXZero IX: We have renamed our official Helpers to the new title of LoreProtectors!

10234041023404: In relation to Peachii's post, the task is DONE! Between myself and Sasuke_kool1Sasuke_kool1, we added the tag to all 1.7K items. Thanks for your help, Sasuke! In addition, we have more tasks for you guys to do! This time, we need you to remove, defaultbase, lowbase, mediumbase & highbase tags from each of the items listed on these pages! Another long task, but as a team we can do it! Thank you for your help, Wiki ON!

PeachiiAEPeachiiAE: It's Summer Break and you get to enjoy under the hot sun or have a relaxed time! But this time round we need your help! If you are interested, we are starting a project to replace all defaultbase tags with a _lv1 tag. This will help us to get an auto-updated index for every individual section. I'd appreciate it as it would take some time to get this all done.

PeachiiAEPeachiiAE: Please see this post by one of our fellow Helper, Zero IXZero IX , regarding index pages.

PeachiiAEPeachiiAE: Confused or unsure on how notes work? Check out the Note Consistency thread for more information on note usages, formats, and more.

10234041023404: Good evening guys and gals! I know it's been a while since we posted.. but I thought I'd dedicate my first one to SikipooSikipoo & Zero IXZero IX. These guys have been wiki'ing with us for quite a while and have never failed to miss an update. It's people like these two that this wiki needs! To begin, please read the rules of the wiki. If you have any more enquiries about getting into the wiki, please, do not hesitate to PM myself or PeachiiAEPeachiiAE! Wiki ON!

HinaHina: Happy New Year everyone! Not to start the year off on a bad note or anything…but all Tinypic images have been changed into…unrelated images. If you see any images that do not belong on here, please either help us replace them, tag the page with a "need-image" tag or notify us on the wiki forums! Thanks!

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